August 2022 Photos and Videos

A man reading prayers while holding the hand of his 13-year-old son for two hours, who was killed by Russian shelling in Kharkiv.
Another personal tragedy in Khariv: a man cries over his killed wife
NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenbegr explaining the importance of helping Ukraine. A must-watch!
A damaged sculpture of children in Kharkiv. So symbolic…
86-year old bed-ridden lady living in the ruins of her home
The city of Mykolaiv: a shell got into a house
The operating room in a Mykolaiv hospital after shelling
Many Ukrainian children will not be able to go to school this year.
Ruined high school in Donetsk region
Ruined high school in the city of Chernigiv
Ruined high school in the city of Avdiyivka
Ruined high school in the city of Lysychansk
Heroic Ukrainian farmers gathering crops on burning fields shelled by Russian nazis
Unloading two containers of Ukrainian New Testaments and John & Romans…
… and storing them in a warehouse for further distribution.
Precious New Testamens from the Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation
Ukrainian John & Romans from Bearing Precious Seed
The team that unloaded the scriptures
Unloading the New Testamnets at the church in Zdolbuniv from which they will be sent all over Ukraine
Valuble boxes all stacked and ready to be shipped
Even little kids help shipping the boxes
Evangelism in the city of Obuhiv titled, “Physical Bread and Spiritual Bread: Jesus is the Bread of Life”
Giving out physical bread
Giving out spiritual bread
Food for body and soul
Teen camp in the city of Nizhyn
Bible Study with displaced persons in the city of Ternopil
People eager to take the scriptures at a church in the city of Kremenchuck
The church full of people
Bible Study with displaced persons in the village of Zgorany
People interested in the word of God
Elderly couple in Zaporizhya recevied their copies of the New Testament
The word of God in care packages for displaclaced persons in Ukraine
Giving out New Testaments in a church in the city of Rivne
Vacation Bible School for children in the village of Koteleve
Happy VBS scholars
Participants of the Vacation Bible School
Evangelistic campaign ‘A Prayer for Ukraine’ in three villages near the city of Shepetivka
Evangelism in the city of Ivankiv
Distributing the scriptures in Kyiv
Many people are eager to receive the word of God
Evangelism in the open air by Hope ensemble in the Sumy region
Evanagelism in a church
Big crowds of those who came to church
Helping displaced persons in the city of Zhashkiv
Helping displaced persons in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk
Food and the word of God
Care packages with Ukrainian New Testaments
Evangelistic booth in the city of Ternopil
Bringing humanitarian aid and doing evangelism in the village of Bunyakine (the Sumy region)
Ministering to needy people in the city of Kharkiv

Helping the needy people of Kharkiv and preaching the Gospel to them

Helping the needy in the villages of Pysarivka and Kostyantynivka (the Sumy region)
Big crowds hearing the Gospel in the city of Kharkiv near their damaged apartment buildings

June 2022 Pictures and Videos

A missile strike at a high-rise apartment building in Kyiv
A missile strike at a mall in the city of Kremenchuk
A missile strike at a high-rise apartment building in the Odesa region
A resort in the Odesa region before and after the missile strike
A 2-year girl sitting near the ruins of her house in the Odesa region
A building engulfed in flames as a result of a missile strike
Courageous Ukrainian fire-fighters
At the ruins of their house…
“Here used to be my home”
Many beautiful old buildings have been ruined
Current Ukrainian realities
As of today, 22 million tons of grain are blocked at Ukrainian ports
Some Ukrainian farmers die while harvesting crops. Crops in Ukraine are harvested with a high price this year! Imagine the chain of work: from preparation of seeds and sowing, harvesting, transfer of grain to elevators and mills, production of flour, transfer of flour to stores/warehouses/bakeries, baking of bread, transfer to stores…
Two Ukrainian pastors (on the right and on the left) with refugees with whom they have Bible study
New Testament given to refugees at a church in the city of Ternopil
First Baptist Church of Irpin giving food and New Testaments to the needy
Many people in this city need help.
Evangelism in a village of the Ivano-Frankivsk region
Giving food and New Testaments to the needy in Kyiv
“What does it say?”
People received New Testaments in the city of Odesa
Having a Bible study with refugees
Young lady in the city of Truskavets reading the New Testament
Evangelism in a park of the city of Chernivtsi: giving tea and New Testaments
Medical ministry: caring for peoples’ bodies and souls
A happy girl, town of Bikivka, Zhytomir region
Evangelism in Sumy region: bringing physical and spiritual food to the needy
Evangelism in the village of Yuryeve, Sumy region
Street evangelism in the city of Sumy
Street evangelism in the town of Velika Berezovitsa, Ternopil region
Street evangelism by Hope Christian Ensemble
Giving our food and New Testaments after the preaching
Preaching the Gospel and giving out New Testaments in the villages of Demydiv and Lisovychi, Kyiv region
Immediate interest
Preaching the Gospel in the village of Korolivka, Kyiv region
Witnessing to wounded soldiers in a hospital
A wounded slodier receiving a camouflaged New Testament at a hospital
Giving spiritual weapons to our soldiers
It’s finally happening!
Time to say, “I do”!
“I now pronounce you, husband and wife!”
Yurko and another young man are joined by Yura’s nephew and 4 nieces to sing to the happy couple
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander (Sashko) Popchenko
Happy parents with our son and new daughter
The Popchenko Family
Evenlina’s oldest brother (far left) with his wife and 5 children, Evelina’s youngest brother (next to Yurko)
Let the wedding feast begin!
There is always a lot of music at Ukrainian weddings!
We chimed in, singing, “Where there is harmony in the family, there is peace and quiet”