Housing and Health Update

Two days after the incident with the landlady, she showed up at our house again and asked for the gas heater manual. I thought she was going to give us a hard time again, but she sounded and looked different. “I am not insisting that the problem is with the heater. And I see by your gas heater meter that you are heating the house normally.” Then she went on to admit that the house did have some mold problems before, only on the first floor. “I just have no idea what’s going on. I am concerned for my house and for you guys to live in a damp, moldy house,” and she started crying. The landlady went on to say, “Of course, I am not going to make you move out.” As I wondered what in the world had happened to her, she asked what ‘faith’ we belong to. I wondered what that had to do with the present situation. “Nothing, I just have a question for you,” and she related this story. A few months ago, one of her sons brought home (to the house next door to us) a statuette of the devil. Since then, she seemed to keep having problems. Everything went wrong, she kept having conflicts in her family, etc. She asked her son to take it back, but he wouldn’t. She is afraid to do that herself, fearing she may offend the devil and he will bring even more misfortune to her family. “I wonder if the problem with this house has anything to do with that statuette. What would you suggest that I do with it?” I told her that the devil is powerful and is looking to destroy man’s soul. Regardless of her son’s intent, it was foolish of him to flirt with the devil by bringing home a statute of him. I told her she needed to get rid of that thing. She said she was going to also ask an Orthodox priest’s opinion on the matter. Now, I don’t know about the devil making our house damp, but we see that not only did the Lord answer our prayers, but also made our landlady think about spiritual things. Please pray for more opportunities to witness to her and for her salvation.

Praise the Lord, Andriy is completely well by now and none of us got sick from him! Also, today I saw the immunologist and my immune test did not show anything seriously abnormal about my immunity. Apparently, my immunity is low, due to low activity of neutrophils (cells of the immune system). However, it will take another test or two to show whether this is my regular condition or if it is just the present condition of my immune system. The doctor prescribed seven weeks worth of treatments to boost my immune system. After I am finished, I am supposed to take another immune test. In the meanwhile, I should also see a gastroenterologist to check out my digestive system. I am slowly gaining strength every day and the doctor said it will take at least a month to get back to normal. Please, continue to pray for my complete

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