2 thoughts on “June 2016 Pictures

  1. These pictures are delightful. Thank you for having the pictures separate from the text of your letters. Pictures take up lots of ink in my printer, and I love to print out the missionary letters and keep them in a file to look at later, or refer back to if needed. God bless you all I am enjoying keeping up with you through email. Looking unto Jesus, Heb 12:2 Jacky Manchester

  2. Good morning! I am of Ukainian descent & would like to find out where I could purchase your translation? Does the address in the US have copies? Eventually I might want to purchase bulk copies for our local Ukrainian Orthodox Church, if they are available. That way we could support your work and help your costs in printing copies for Ukrainians in Ukraine. Thank you for your dedication and your efforts. I hope to use your translation to chant the psalms in Ukrainian for our Sunday Liturgy. You never know, you might do a lot for Christian harmony in Ukraine and throughout the world !!!
    Cлава Ісусу Христу!
    Від Мар’яни (Marianna)

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