May-June 2024 Photos and Videos

The city of Vovchansk before and after the Russian invasion…

The ruins of Vovchansk from a bird’s eye view

Horrible devastation of the city

Ruins of the printing house in the city of Kharkiv

A killed worker in the midst of debris

Putting out the fire

This is a crime against humanity

The strike took lives of 7 employees of the printing house

Building-supply supermarket in Kharkiv on fire after being bombed

Moments of bombing as seen from surveillance cameras

Putting out hellish fire

Taking a boy’s sample to identify his father who did not come home from the bombed store

A high-rise apartment building in the city of Dnipro suffering from a missile strike

Putting out fire

Rescuing a man from a collapsed car

Сlearing debris and searching for people

A Ukrainian prisoner of war tortured to death for refusing to speak Russian with signs of torture all over his body

Father grieving over his killed son

Ruined Ukrainian childhood

Humanitarian aid and Scripture to Odesa military hospital

New Testaments placed in high-frequency locations of the hospital

Distributing Scripture in the Zaporizhya region

Holding the word of God in his hands for the first time

Preaching to the crowd before distributing physical and spiritual bread in the city of Bilogorodka

People are both physically and spiritually hungry

Happy boys

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me”

Grocery bags with New Testaments for the Zhytomy region

Loading up to go ministering




March-April 2024 Photos and Videos

One of the two largest Ukrainian thermal power plants…

… completely destroyed in a massive missle strike

The aftermath… Now 80% of thermal power generation in Ukraine is damaged

Russian propaganda easily defeated with truth

Opposing hardline Republicans defeated on the Vote on Ukrainian military aid

After long anti-ukrainian and pro-Russian rethoric Donald Trump is now moving in the right direction

Christmas gifts as a part of the Gift of Heaven project

New Testaments in gifts for everybody

Christian Mobile Medical Team at work

Offering medical help and counselling to those in need

Reading from the New Testament

Overlooking the Rhine River

After the Easter service

Three generations of parents

Four generations

Four generations

Grandpa playing with the grandchildren

Grandma playing with the grandchildren

Happy first-time grandpa

Our wonderful grandson

Sashko, Evelina and Timothy