September-October 2023 Photos and Videos

My cousin’s son Maxim who died in the war

It is simply heartbreaking: a little girl is saying, “I want to kiss my daddy” as she kisses his monument.

A boy giving water to his father who lost both arms in the war

The lives of our heroes are a “cheap price” to the minister of defense of The Netherlands Kajsa Ollongren.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, “We support Ukrainians and praise them for their courage”.

“Defeating the Russians in Ukraine is the single most important event going on in the world right now.”

This is what is left from the recently liberated village of Novoselivske.

A chaplain giving New Testaments on the occasion of Defender’s Day

Happy owners of Scripture

After the chaplain’s service to the soldiers

Wounded soldier in the hospital with his copy of the New Testament

Another soldier with the word of God undergoing rehabilitation

Personal evangelism to the wounded in a hospital

This woman underwent eye surgery and her sight was restored. She was very happy to receive a new wheelchair and a large-print New Testament.

New Testaments and food packages for internally displaced persons in the city of Odesa

Church service with these people

Weekly Bible study with internally displaced persons in the city of Vinnytsia

Passing out gospel literature at a local market

Feeding the needy in the city of Boryspil and giving them the word of God

“Man shall not live by bread alone”

July-August 2023 pictures and videos

An apartment building in the city of Sumy ruined by a Russian missile

A bombed building in the historic center of the city of Lviv

A missile attack on a high-rise apartment building in the city of Kyiv


Ruined Cathedral in the city of Odesa

Damaged “Scholar’s House’ in the city of Odesa (the premises of former Count Tolstoy’s palace)

The grand piano on which the Hungarian pianist and composer Franz Liszt played in the 19th century

Ruined school in the city of Sumy

60,000 tons of wheat destroyed in a granery near Odesa

Destroyed blood-transfusion center

Ruined apartment building in the city of Pokrovsk

Ruined hotel in Zaporizhya where the officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency always stayed

Destroyed Fozzy supermarket in the city of Odesa

Damaged drama theater in the city of Chernihiv

Ruined kindergarten in the city of Kherson

Displaced persons in the city of Kamyanka received New Testaments

A teen meeting in Chernivtsi region

Distributing New Testaments

Young men reading the Scripture

Bible hour with the teens

Most active members of Ark of Salvation church of Zhytomyr who distributed food packets with New Testaments

A food packet with a New Testament

Beneficiaries of humanitarian aid and Scriptures

Happy 15th Birthday, Andriy!

You are a biy boy now!