May-June 2023 Photos and Videos

Drone attack on a high-rise apartment building in Kyiv

Debris, damaged cars, one woman killed and several people wounded as a result of the attack

An man injured in the attack

The aftermath of the missile attack

Missile attack on a cliniс in the city of Dnipro took 2 lives

Ruined and burned clinic

Brave firefighters

extinguishing the fire

Missile attack on an apartment building in the city of Kryviy Rig took 12 lives

Burnr building

Destroyed building

No more apartment building

Kachovka dam before and after the destruction

Water rushing through the destroyed dam

The flooded city of Kherson

Volunteers evacuating people from the city of Kherson

Evacuating the elderly in Kherson

People escaping the best they can

Saving the livestock

Russians firing at those evacuating

The flooded city of Oleshky. It is 90% flooded, the water level on the streets reaching 3 meters

Dead people found after the water receded

Drowned livestock

This is what love and faithfulness looks like: a young lady is caring for her woonded husband in the hospital, now blind and without arms

Large print New Testaments for evangelistic Bible study

Bible study

Evangelistic meeting in Kherson at a local Baptist church

Reading New Testaments received at the meeting

People of Polvata region got their New Testaments after the evangelism

… both young and old

… both parents and children

… both girls

… and boys.

Distributing New Testements in personal evangelism in park

… and talking about Jesus to the interested

Scripture for wounded soldiers in the hospital

Scripture for our defenders

Street evangelism with Scripture distribution

New Testaments for Christian rehabilitation center

Evangelism for internally displaced persons in Kyiv

… followed by food and Scripture distribution

… and some other necesseties like diapers

Happy to be cared for by Christians

Internally displaced persons in the city of Uzhgorod received New Testaments

Reading the Scripture

“We have our copies, too”

New Testaments for car mechanics

A New Testament for a saleslady

A New Testament for a repairman

A famous Ukrainian boxer and trainer V. Borovsky got his New Testament


March-April 2023 Photos and Videos

This is what Putin’s “liberation” of Donbas looks like.

Missile attack on a hightrise building in the city of Uman that took 23 lives 5 of which are children: two boys (1,5 and 16 years old) and three girls (8, 11 and 14 years old).

Brave firefighters putting out the fire that followed the strike

almost done

Searching for people under the rubble

Clearing up debries

Police video report of the strike on Uman

The view of the ruined building

A massive strike on the city of Kherson: on a supermarket, a gas station, a house, a railway station and a railway crossing.

23 people were killed, another 48 people were injured, including two children.

The supermarket

The hardware store

The railway station

DW Video report of the strike on Kherson

Military psychologists of the Ukrainian Armed Forces distribute New Testaments to soldiers

New Testamnets included in the aid boxes for our military

Warming the soul and the body

“Your New Testament has become a part of the chaplain’s field communion kit”.

Christian youth signing camouflaged New Testaments for our defenders

A Ukrainian soldier who lost his limbs during the fighting in Donetsk region is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in Norway.

Former Afghan soldier who is now an internally displaced person

New Testaments on a church’s literature stand

Happy owner of a New Testament


Street literature evangelism

Large print New Testaments for the elderly folk

… and for the disabled