January-February 2024 Photos and Videos

Drone attack on the city of Odessa in which an entitre section of a high-rise apartment building was destroyed with 12 people killed among whom are 5 children

Rescue operation in progress

Dismantling rubble and looking for people underneath

A Baptist pastor’s daughter and 4-month old grandson killed under rubble

Her husband and older daughter were miraculously saved (they slept in another room)

A church ruined in the city of Kupyansk

Church’s pastor/chaplain and his wife were killed


Missile attack on a high-rise apartment building in Kyiv

Firefighters trying to help

Scared people

Evacuating the disabled who had been trapped in an ruined apartment building

Evacuation team at work

Mountains of destruction

Missile attack on apartrment buildings in the city of Kharkiv

“When we got here this building was still standing…”

A closer look at the damage

Another apartment building ruined, in which two people were killed and a dozen wounded

Two people killed here, dozens injured

“My father lives on the first floor. He’s not answering his phone….”

Young couple watching their house burn down

Rescuing a man

Missile attack on a high-rise apartment building in Kyiv near the church we used to attend

Caring for the injured

Attack on the city of Kharkiv: missiles hit a gas station, causing the fuel to spill and the entire street to burn down

Heroic fire fighters

Terrible aftermath

Small piles of ash: this is all that is left from the family of five who died in an attack

Trump’s dirty politicall games to stop sending military aid to Ukraine is partly to blame for this horror.

New Testament distribution in the city of Dnipro

Offering the hope of God’s word

Immediately intrigued

Happy 13the Birthday, Matviy!

With his older brother and sister-in-law

Our grandson is growing fast


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