March-April 2024 Photos and Videos

One of the two largest Ukrainian thermal power plants…

… completely destroyed in a massive missle strike

The aftermath… Now 80% of thermal power generation in Ukraine is damaged

Russian propaganda easily defeated with truth

Opposing hardline Republicans defeated on the Vote on Ukrainian military aid

After long anti-ukrainian and pro-Russian rethoric Donald Trump is now moving in the right direction

Christmas gifts as a part of the Gift of Heaven project

New Testaments in gifts for everybody

Christian Mobile Medical Team at work

Offering medical help and counselling to those in need

Reading from the New Testament

Overlooking the Rhine River

After the Easter service

Three generations of parents

Four generations

Four generations

Grandpa playing with the grandchildren

Grandma playing with the grandchildren

Happy first-time grandpa

Our wonderful grandson

Sashko, Evelina and Timothy

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