June-July 2018 Pictures and Videos

Sashko singing with the young people at the baptism service

Andriy and Matviy singing with the chidren’s choir at the baptism service

“Raised to walk in newness of life”

Lake Svitiaz

The kids playing near our cabin

Mr. Yurko ‘Back Flip’ in action

We love this place!

Morning devotions in the field at the summer camp

Bible lesson

Workshop class making desk lamps

Evening devotions by the camp fire

Sashko with the luthier who made his violin

“Let the garage constuction begin!”

Almost finished!

So glad to have my sister Tanya and her daughter Emily visit us

At our niece’s baptism

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Happy 10th Birthday, Andriy!

One thought on “June-July 2018 Pictures and Videos

  1. Hello dear friends and workers in the Lord’s Harvest,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures, and I don’t know if I have told you before how I appreciate that you separate your pictures from the text. It is so much more convenient for me to be able to print your letters. God bless you and all you do. I pray your will be able to get a newer and better van for the family. Please pray for me also to get a newer and better van. Mine is 23 years old, leaks and stays wet inside from all the rain we have had, and it has the hiccups. I never know when it is going to die. So far I have been able to slip it into neutral and start it right back up again without losing a revolution of the wheels. But twice it has jeopardized my safety, for without power steering and brakes I can hardly handle it. also my trailer ( 64 yrs old) leaks and my grandsons want to put a roof over the top of it, but it is costly and I don’t want them to spend the money. Just little problems, that the Lord knows all about, and has a solution for. 🙂
    As to your translation situations, this one turned out to be very good. Doesn’t the Strong’s have a definition for “tanner”?
    Health: even God’s people are not immune from these issues. Can you go to http://www.doctoryourself.com and click on the vitamin c links, there are several. It is an amazing “chemical nutrient” and can literally cure most anything if taken in large amounts. Even for your eye Yura. a mix of vit. C and cayenne pepper will clear up most any issue, just have to get the right formulation. It will burn, but it will not damage. I use these ingredients often for many issues, and my son-in-law would mix up his own potion for his allergies, for sinus problems, and for his eyes. I don’t know the ratios, but I will “suggest” 1 gram of vit. c powder in pure ( distilled) water, a cup, and 5 drops of cayenne tincture. Put the drops in your eyes and snuff it up your nostrils. It will burn and smart briefly and you will be sure you are dying, but soon it is over and your are better. I have to steel myself to do this, but it always works. May take more than one application. 1 gram of vit C in water every hour orally will do wonders for the tonsils, allergies, and maybe the eyes too. I am a firm believer in natural remedies, tho I am not totally against medicines, when nothing else works. And usually that is because I didn’t take enough Vit. C. God bless you, prayers for your needs,Looking unto Jesus, Heb 12:2, Jacky in Texas

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