January-February 2020 pictures and videos

Sashko, Yurko and Andriy playing at the children’s Christmas program
Students constructing a textual sermon outline at Yura’s preachers’ class
At the print shop’s office in the city of Kharkiv
Christmas decorations in downtown Kharkiv
Unloading the New Testaments
Two of the five pallets nicely stacked in our garage
The long-awaited Ukrainian New Testament!
Isn’t it beautiful?
The poster for the dedication service
Sweet family reunion
Church’s youth group at Sashko’s 18th Birthday
An official adult!
Overnighters ready to go to bed!
Happy 9th Birthday, Matviy!
Our Honda Odyssey the way it came from a USA auction
The left rear quarter replaced
Once it’s painted, you will never know there was any damage

2 thoughts on “January-February 2020 pictures and videos

  1. Hello my friends, I have been reading your prayer letter and watching the videos and looking at the pictures and listening to the singing. I am happy you are sharing these things with us, and mostly because you share your children with us. Many missionaries don’t do that and I am sure they have a reason. But I enjoy seeing the children playing their instruments and learning to preach, and singing in church activities, and playing soccer in your back yard ( its a big one). Just sharing your lives with is a joy. However, its a real shame that your car came from the US in such terrible shape. It must have been hard to take. I certainly hope it will be good as new. Made me think that some merchandise delivered to stores will be damaged on one corner where the pallet was bumped or dumped and those items were damaged. Surely the sellers would not send you a damaged vehicle. Oh well, we live with life as it is, and trust God for the outcomes. God bless you all,
    We too are quarantined, my grandson goes to the grocery store, but I haven’t been off the farm since the 19th, and thats okay, I like being home and I am getting things done that have been neglected. I home school my 8 yr. old great grand girl, but her mom is needing her so for the time being we are on spring break. Our weather has been mostly lovely, lots of rain, lots of green and lovely flowers blooming. Staying home from church and watching services, preachers preaching to an empty room. Sad. Also, some churches have video archives so you can pick and choose your subject. 🙂 God bless you all, one preacher said that his favorite phrase in the Bible was, “this too shall pass” and we can count on our Savior being with us through it all. Your friend in Texas, Jacky/Gammy

    • Thank you so much for your comments. The car came damaged because we bought it damaged at an auction to be fixed here.
      God bless you.

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