April 2020 pictures

Yurko having a Hebrew lesson over Skype
Dad explaining to Yurko some points of Hebrew grammar
My nephews and nieces with their precious gifts – newly published Ukrainian New Testaments
Doing morning devotions from our translation of the New Testament
Her sister joining her
The boys also spending time in God’s word
Preaching from the book of Philippians
Matviy preaching at house church service
Another preacher: Andriy
Yurko preaching
Kids singing “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” from our translation of the New Testament
My nephew preaching from our translation of the New Testament for the first time
My another nephew preaching
Accompanying the singing at the church service
My uncle, the pastor of the church in Bakumivka village, received his copy of the New Testament
My aunt, the oldest of my late mom’s siblings, has lived to see the publication of the New Testament
My uncle’s widow
Making shish kebabs, my special dish
Enjoying fellowship with my cousin and his family
Yurko helping his second cousin install a drip system in their field
Congregational singing at the Easter Service
Folks attending the Easter service
Our family (Sashko is with his best friend)

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