May-June 2021 Pictures

Presenting the New Testament at the First Baptist Church of Vinnytsya
Worshipers of the First Baptist Church of Vinnytsya
Preaching on “True and False Repentance” at Grace Baptist Church of Vinnytsya
Happy 17th Birthday Yurko!
Our second-born son!
Riding go-carts for Yurko’s birthday
Yurko was the fastest of all of us!
At conference in Turkey
Aegean see as seen from Izmir (ancient Smyrna)
The agora (marketplace) in Smyrna
The agora (marketplace) in Smyrna
The Gimnasium Pergamos
In Laodicea
The first known church building ever built (Laodicea, 4th B.C.)
St. John’s Basilica in Ephesus
A steet in Ephesus
The famous library in Ephesus (third largest in ancient times)
The theater in Ephesus where the enraged crowd cried, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians” (Acts 19:34).

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