May 2022 Photos and Videos

This year’s sowing campaing is very unusual: Ukrainian farmers risk their lives to sow crops on the mined fileds.
Another brave Ukrainian farmer finished his course…
Next time you have the temptetion to complaine about rising food prices, remember that some Ukrainian farmers gave their lives so that millions of people around the world would not starve to death.
War crimes of Russian tankmen
June 1st is the International children’s day. Many Ukrainian children did not live to see it. Music: ‘Melody’ by M. Skoryk (Ukrainian composer).
Children of the war…
… living in ruined cities…
… living in bomb shelters…
… living at train stations…
… leaving home… maybe forever…
“Mom, will I have childhood again?”
Julia Grebneva is staning among the wreckage of a Russian military plane that crashed into her house where her family lived in the city of Chernihiv. Courtesy of David Guttenfelder
20,000 New Testaments sponsored by Baptist Couriers for Christ
New Testaments from the Polish Epaphras publishers.

4,000 camouflage New Testaments from the Polish Epaphras publishers.
20,000 copies by The Reformed Bible Society of the Netherlands
New Testaments from German mission FriedensBote
Passing out Ukrainian Scriptures in the downtown Giessen, Germany
With a pastor friend in Germany
Visited the Netherlands again and challanged The Reformed Bible Society to print more Ukrainian New Testaments
Distributing humanitarian aid in the liberated Sumy area
Giving the word of Life to the needy people
Preaching the Gosel
Helping people in the liberated Sumy area
Displaced Ukrainians receiving New Testaments at a church in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk

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