April 2022 Photos and Videos

Russia’s brazen attack as the UN head visits Kyiv, Ukraine
Our life is now divided into “before” and “after”
Interactive map of 65 days of war in Ukraine
Stromae L’enfer as played by a Ukrainian soldier
A pile of rockets shelled at civilians in the city of Kharkiv
Ruins of the city of Kharkiv
Refugees living in Kyiv’s subway
Grandma is baking bread off of what’s left of her kitchen.
Only in Ukraine: turning Russian bombs into barbecues
A rocket used as a sales counter
A hospital train: cars turned into hospital rooms
Our dream… How long, O Lord?
First 8,000 New Testaments printed and distributed
Distributing New Testaments in a liberated village
A Ukrainian chaplain receives a box of the New Testaments. Soon our chaplains will be receving thousands of boxes.
My assistent Ira and her husband (on the sides) with the family they helped to evacuate. They and their church in the town of Zdolbuniv are heavily involved with helping refugees.
Ladies making varenyky (Ukrainian traditional food) to be taken to the city of Kharkiv. My assistant Ira is on the left.
Young people making varenyky to be taken to the city of Kharkiv.
One of the vans loaded with food to be taken to Kharkiv. Overall, their church has made over a dozen trips to Kharkiv alone.
The church’s care home to be turned to a shelter for refugees
One of the refugee families that found shelter in the town of Zdolbuniv
Refugee children received treats
Distrubiting New Testaments among the refugees in the village of Mizoch
A line of people (about 200) for humanitarian aid at a church in Kyiv consiting of refugees, disabled, and children. Before giving aid, preachers preach the gospel, give an invitation and invite to enroll in a Bible study group.
Giving out food to the needy in Kyiv
Giving out clothes the to needy in Kyiv
Elderly couple who fled Donbas is helped
The fist Bible study group organized by this church in Kyiv
The second study Bible group
A church in the city of Dubno (western Ukraine) brought humanitarian aid to the city of Lisichansk (eastern Ukraine). On the way back, they evacuated people to safer areas.
The same church brought humanitarian aid to the city of Mykolaiv. On the way back, they evacuated people to safer areas.
A family from Donbas who lost evrything is happy to receive aid. They live in a Baptist church in Mykolaiv.
Ukrainian chaplain delievers humanitarian aid to a village near the city of Chernigiv which really suffered from the war
Happy people after receiving food
Humanitarian aid taken to the village of Zhmyivka in Kyiv region
Young mothers and theri small children receive humanitarian aid

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