February-March 2022 Photos and Videos

The towns of Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel near Kyiv before and after the war
The ruins of Irpin Theological Seminary
Foreign volunteers in the city of Irpin
The ruins of Bethany church in Mariupol
People buried in Mariupol right in the yards
No words are neccessary
Underground ‘maternity hospital’ in Kharkiv. There are 200 pregnant women in the city waiting to deliver
Children in a basement during bombings
How Kyiv lives under the Russian siege
The ministry of God’s Design Church in Kyiv during the war
On the other side of the war… Several days before the war began in the city of Chernivtsi
On the top of a building overlooking the central sqaure of Chrnivtsi
Conducting a seminar on Bible versions issue in Central Baptist Church of Chernivtsi
We had a huge turn out for this seminar, the best ever
Volunteers before the Moldova border, offering hot food to Ukrainian refugees
The car line on the Moldova-Romania border.
Our first meal in Romania at a local Christian’s home
Matviy’s 11th Birthday in Romania as a refugee
Our family with the Romanian host family
Free food for Ukrainian refugees at a Romanian gas station
With our host in Germany
Our dear friend gave us a short vacation in the Netherlands at a mill house
Beautiful view from the mill
Touring the city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands
Yurko and I at the Reformed Bible Society of the Netherlands where we met with the board to present our translation of the New Testament to be printed for refugges in this country
Sashko and his fiancée, Evelina
Our family and Sashko’s fiancée on the day of their engagement

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