November 2022 Photos and Videos

Merry Christmas from our extended family!
Watrburg Castle where Martin Luther was taken for his safety following his excommunication by Pope Leo X and his refusal to recant at the Diet of Worms. Here he translated the New Testamnet in German in a record 11 weeks!
The castle as viewed from the yard
The room where he stranslated the New Testament
The likely room in the house where Martin Luther lived in the city of Eisenach as a boy attending school
Unexpected meeting with my assistant Iryna and her family in Germany. On the right next to me is Sashko and Evelina
Anriy Popchenko. Bach, Suite #1 in G Major
Anriy Popchenko. Henry Eccles, Largo
Anriy Popchenko. Henry Eccles, Allegro
Little Solomiya at the grave of her father Oleh Prudky. The hero was the lightweight boxing champion of Ukraine.
Muscovites are calling for a nuclear attack on Washington
The site where a missle killed two civillians in the village of Przeduwi, Poland
A Kherson resident happy for being liberated from Russian Nazis
An appartment building in Kyiv hit by a Russian missle
Brave fighters extunguishing fire
Am elderly couple comforting each other after losing their home in Bakhmut from a missle strike
Missile debris that fell in the yard of a Kyiv high-rise building miraculously didn’t damage anything
Missile strike at down town Herson on Christmas Eve that took 10 lives and woonded 58 people
The fearless 10-year-old boy who daely gives away New Testaemnt to soldiers
Soldiers in the ciyt of Kramatorks receive their New Testaments
Chaplains brought help and Scripture to our defenders in the city of Odessa
Soldier packs brought to the cuty of Bachmut, the hottest fighting area for the past 6 months
Humanitarian aid and New Testament distribution in the city of Khariv
New Testament distribution following a charity lunch for the disadvantaged in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk
New Testament and food package distribution in the city of Burshtyn
New Testament and food package distribution in the city of Burshtyn by candles during a power outage
Displaced persons in the city of Cherkassy at a serivce
A Bible study with the displaced persons in Cherkassy
A happy boy with his first New Testament ever
A happy girl with his first New Testament ever
Young people read their New Testaments given at a youth even
Vitaliy Maryash, the pastor of the The Bible and Life Baptist Church in Kyiv (standing backwards) who is also the Dean of the Kyiv Theologiocal seminary, is preaching to the displaced persons on his leave from chaplain service to which he had been called since the beginning of the war

October 2022 Pictures

Damaged Crimean bridge
From another perspective
Missile strike at a high-rise apartment building in Zaporizhya
Ruined apartment building
Missile strike in downtown Kyiv (near the university I studied)
A crater from the missile
Completely ruined 120-year old apartment building in Kyiv
Extinguishing the destroyed transformer substation in Khmelnitskiy region
Damaged power lines
Completely destroyed energy infrastructure enterprise in Dnipropetrovsk region
Brave firefighters at the melting transformers
Night Kyiv without street lighting
The main street of Kyiv in the night
WWII memorial in Kyiv in the night
Giving out relief aid and New Testaments in the city of Cherkasy
A Bible study with displaced persons in the city of Cherkasy
Teen Bible Study. A third of them is not saved
Relief aid and New Testaments for people of the Odesa region
Evangelism at the probation facility in the city of Zaporizhya
200 boxes for our military each contaning a New Testament
Chaplains ministering to our soldiers
A chaplain and a soldier with our camouflaged New Testament
Scouts with our camouflaged New Testament
Relief and New Testament distribution in Kyiv
Joyful recepient
Relief aid, Scripture distribution and preaching to the people of the city of Kharkiv
Waiting in line for relief aid and Scripture
Relief aid, Scripture distribution and preaching to the people of Kobelyaky
Relief and New Testament distribution in Kyiv
Evangelism in a park (there are our New Testaments on the table)
Holding out the word of light
Sharing food
What a crowd! What a beautiful fall!