Prayer Alert!

A nasty virus has attacked our family and, one by one, all five of us have come down with it. Sashko got sick first, then Yurko. Andriy got the mildest case, praise the Lord. A few days ago, Yura’s temperature went up and has plagued him off and on ever since. I (Wendy) felt it coming on this last Friday and for the past three days have been croaking with laryngitis. The doctor has been here and said that Sashko had full-blown bronchitis (the younger boys weren’t very sick at the time of his visit and Yura and I had not yet developed any symptoms). Needless to say, it has been a bit rough with a houseful of sick people, but now that I’m sick, it is even harder. Both Yura and I are feeling even worse today. Please pray for healing and strength.

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