“Thank you” from Danny’s parents

My sister and brother in-law asked me to pass along the following note and link to a Youtube video of Danny’s birth, surgery and recovery:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ! We continually thank God for His mercy to our family and for the fact that He wonderfully led us during Danny’s illness, showing us where to have the surgery, guiding the hands of doctors and blessing the postoperative period! We thank God that He put it on the heart of each one of you to pray for our baby and that you were not indifferent through the whole period of the disease. With all our hearts, we thank you for your prayers! We kindly ask you to continue to pray for the health of Danny, because he still has congenial heart problems. We had an ultrasound done and the doctors said that the condition of the baby is stable, but they may need to readdress the narrowed aorta. (This surgery was done at a very early age and this often leads to relapse.) To address the rest of his heart problems, Danny will need a second operation. Doctors believe that it would be better to wait until he is at least one year old (September 2013). Please pray for Danny’s growth and development as he awaits his next surgery! May God bless you and meet all your needs!

With love,

The Moskalenko Family

Update on Luba

Once all the test results were in, it was discovered that, in addition to kidney stones, Luba also had hydronephrosis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydronephrosis), which is where a kidney is enlarged due to a constricted canal leading from it to the bladder. This problem can only be treated by plastic surgery. It was scheduled for last Thursday, but a severe allergic reaction to an iodine contrast dye used for an X-ray caused it to be delayed until this past Monday. The doctor successfully removed the stones and fixed the narrowed portion of the canal. The doctor said that the correction of this problem should also result in normalizing her blood pressure. As of Wednesday, Luba was regaining a little strength after the anesthesia and, with help, was able to get out of bed. She will still be in the hospital for a while, but the doctor is optimistic about her progress. Sasha and Luba both send their thanks to all who have been praying for her.