It’s a boy

[This post was supposed to go out yesterday but due to technical problems, it is posted only today]

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our forth son via a scheduled C-section on Monday at 2:32 pm, February 28th. The boy weighed slightly over 9 lbs and was 22.4 inches long at his birth. I was able to be with Wendy (not in a surgery room, of course) and warm up the baby on my chest right after it was born. Praise the Lord, there were no complications and both the baby and Wendy are doing fine. Next day, Wendy was able to get around on her own and is now having the baby all the time with her in her room.

The timing of the boy’s birth was just perfect. The doctor wanted to wait to do a C-section until labor starts. Last Wednesday he checked Wendy and after seing she was not ready yet he went on a business trip to another town until Sunday hoping labor would not start until the due date (February 28th). Monday morning Wendy drove to see the doctor for a check up and he said she was ready. He let her go home to wait until the labor starts. She got home and a hour later it started. So, I had my lunch, took Wendy to the hospital and an hour later was holding a precious bundle of joy. We thank all of you who prayed for the safe delivery.




We are thankful for Wendy’s mom being able to come help us. It is such a relief to know I don’t have to find some one who could stay with the boys while I am at the hospital, not to mention food preparation. She came on the third day after we moved to our new place which took place on February 19th. We are so thankful we live in a mold free house now. After looking for six weeks without success, we thought we would never find ourselves a place. When we lost any hope of finding a suitable house for us, a Realtor called and said there is a house for rent. Even though we had already decided not to move, we went to see it anyway, being almost sure this is not the place for us. Our opinion changed when we saw it. For a couple of days we hesitated to rent it thinking it might be hard on Wendy because of being so close to delivery. I called her doctor and asked him what would be worse: for Wendy to move that close to delivery or for the baby to be born into a moldy environment. The doctor urged us to move since moldy habitation may cause the baby to have allergy for the rest of his life.

That was the worst place we have ever rented and that was the worst move we have ever had. The landlady made a big scandal accusing us of ruining her house with mold (!) and wanting us to pay for remodeling of her house (I don’t think she was unreasonable, she was plain dishonest). She brought her son with her but I had a big strong guy from our church to protect me, just in case. I am sure if it was not for him it would be pretty tough for me. To complicate the matter, a week prior to the move, the boys brought some virus home from their music lessons which I caught. So, the last week of packing I did it while being sick. Thankfully, by the time of the move I was more or less well. Anyway, it all is behind us and we have almost recovered from the emotional trauma of living in that house and moving out of it. We thank all of you who prayed for our housing.

‘I am tired of packing’


Sashko and Yurko helped to load and unload the truck – like real men


Assembling Andriyko’s crib


Yurko working with a power screwdriver


‘Hey, I am helping too’

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