Prayer Alert!

My sister and brother-in law’s fifth child was born with congenital heart defects. Little Danny has several holes in his heart, ventricular septal defect ( and coarctation of the aorta (, plus he has jaundice. At that time the doctor said he needed to be watched to see if the situation improves on its own. Although a little weak, Danny had been gaining weight, but several days ago (age 5 weeks) he became especially weak, eating little and sleeping all the time. Today, Alla and Sasha took him to the doctor and they found out that all the problems remained, plus he had developed pulmonary hypertension ( and the left ventricle of his heart virtually does not contract. With this last problem, if Danny was taken home his heart could have stopped beating at any moment, the doctor said. So, he was immediately admitted to intensive care and put on oxygen. He will most likely have heart surgery performed tomorrow. Please pray for God to save the life of this little boy, to give doctors wisdom and parents comfort and peace of mind.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Alert!

  1. Dear Yura,
    I received your prayer request for little Danny this morning. I will pass this request on to my Church family and we will be praying for wisdom for the Doctors and peace and comfort for your family. But most of all that God would receive Glory for whatever He has planned. God bless and keep you all through His Grace.
    Peggy Reitzel

  2. We will be praying that the Lord will be with the Doctors as they work on the sweet Baby! Lord we Lift this Baby up to you Guide the Doctors hands!

  3. Praying for this precious child! May God give skill and wisdom to all of the medical personnel, and healing to little Danny’s body.

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