Update on Danny

I received a call from my sister saying that the surgery was successful. However, the doctors could not take care of all of Danny’s heart problems in one surgery because he was so weak that he would not have been able to survive it. This time they took care of the coarctation of the aorta. Apparently his aorta was so narrow that it looked like an hourglass and had almost grown shut. When they cut him open, they saw that one of the vessels that come out of the heart and go to his right hand was strained and pressed against his esophagus, resulting in problems with swallowing. They had to remove that vessel.

We ask you to continue to pray for Danny as he is still in life-threatening condition. His heart is significantly enlarged and the left ventricle still does not contract on its own (he is on medication right now to help it contract). These things are to be expected due to the strain on his heart, as it has been trying to pump blood through such a narrow opening, and they should return to normal in time. My sister and her husband thank you for all your prayers and ask you to continue to uphold them before the throne of grace for the long road that still lay ahead.

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