Update on Danny #2

As of Friday evening, Danny is off the oxygen mask! He still has a tiny tube in his nose to assist his breathing, but this is a step forward. Also, he is able to be fed from a bottle, rather than a tube. The doctors are changing his position (lying on his back, side, etc.) and taking measures to guard against pneumonia and bronchitis. Please pray that Danny will be able to cough sufficiently to rid his lungs of the phlegm that accumulated during and since the surgery. He is still weak, but the doctor said that he is out of danger. Danny’s heart remains enlarged and his left ventricle is not yet contracting on its own, so there is still much to pray for. The reason for Danny’s jaundice is still unknown. Medicine and special lamps have been used to bring his bilirubin levels down. As of today, they have come down to 40 from 200. Once the levels get down to a normal of 20, the doctors will be able to take steps to pinpoint the cause of the jaundice. Thank you all so much for continuing to uphold this baby and their family in prayer.

2 thoughts on “Update on Danny #2

  1. What wonderful news. We will continue praying for Danny. I could not sleep comfortably last night and spent a lot of time praying, so I was exceptionally happy to hear the news about Danny this morning. We will certainly continue praying for Danny and our other family and friends that are in need of prayer.

    Love and Hugs!

    Aunt Sandy and Steve

    • Thank you so much for your prayers! God is answering them! We will post more news about Danny’s condition as we receive it. God bless!


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