The Sickness Saga continues…

After three days of no improvement, Yura took Sashko to the hospital. They started an IV right away and a course of antibiotics. Within a short time, he felt some relief and was even able to eat a little bit of toast. We are waiting on the test results to get an official diagnosis. I went today (Sunday) to take him some bland, starter foods and visit him. Sashko only took two bites of rice, but he’s been eating toast all day and has been able to drink small quantities without pain. He still has a low fever and it looks like he’ll be in the hospital for at least a few more days.

Between around 3 am Sunday morning, this terrible sickness struck Yura. He only threw up four times, as opposed to Sashko’s days of vomiting. Diarrhea took over midmorning. Since the doctor said that in the early stages of this type of illness, absorption is necessary, Yura took a mega dose of activated charcoal. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep it down. I bought him another absorbent and started him on the medications that Sashko is taking at the hospital (minus the IV and antibiotics). By Sunday evening, Yura was able to eat some toast and plain mashed potatoes. He is still running a low fever and is extremely weak.

My stomach has been queasy for the past several days, but nothing unbearable. Yurko and Andriy have had some suspicious-looking bowel movements, so I’m trying to fight off this thing before it gets a strong foothold . A lady from our church is going to come over tomorrow to stay with the boys while I go take care of Sashko (the nurses are conscientious, but they can’t sit by his bed and remind him to keep drinking, offer him food every hour, etc., etc.).

Please pray for:
Sashko’s healing,
Yura’s healing before it gets so bad that he has to go to the hospital,
my healing and for strength to take care of Yura, take stuff to Sashko, and take care of the other boys,
Yurko and Andriyko not to get fully sick.

Thank you all for praying!

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