Birthday in the hospital

Monday night Yurko and Tuesday 4 am Andriy started having the same symptoms Sashko had had for number of days. Instead of waiting to see them getting worse we decided to take them to the hospital that morning. Wendy stayed with the boys to take care of them. The next day Yurko and Andriy felt already better and started having normal food but today Yurko and Andriy took a turn for the worse. It was such a pity since today is Yurko’s birthday and we wanted to have a small birthday party for him right in the hospital. When I arrived, Yurko hardly reacted to all the birthday greetings and presents. The doctor put him on an IV and after a short time he started feeling better so by the end of my visit he was able to enjoy his presents. After all the boys get out of the hospital, we will have a real birthday party for Yurko.

As for Sashko, he feels better but has been on an IV every day since his admission to the hospital. He definitely got the worse case. I am basically back to normal, still have some discomfort after a meal but rather than that I am fine. This is good since I have to run to the hospital every day and buy necessary medicine (in Ukraine you have to buy your own medicine if you want to be treated in the hospital), make and bring food and other things. Wendy is the only one who has not gotten the bug, or should I rather say, the symptoms.

The boys have had (and still are having) lots of test done to determine what caused this condition. Yesterday two test (for roto-virus and a bacterial infection) came back negative. Since one of the tests is not always accurate, the doctor ordered other tests. Please, pray for the speedy recovery of all our boys and strength for Wendy and me in taking care of them.

Wendy and the boys in their hospital room


The birthday boy on an IV


Yurko with his presents

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