Home again!

Praise the Lord, we are all home from the hospital. Sashko spent a total of eleven days there, while the other boys were in the hospital with him for a week. I was able to stay with them around the clock and the four of us had a room and bathroom to ourselves (quite a luxury, by Ukrainian standards). Although the doctors ran multiple tests, no formal diagnosis was pronounced. “Intestinal infection” was the vague answer we got to our questions about this distressing illness. Whatever it was, the antibiotics, IV drips, and a combination of other medicines and supplements seemed to take care of the problem. All three boys are doing much better but are on a strict diet and the whole family will be on enzymes and probiotics for a few more weeks. Yura still has to be careful what he eats, but I am so thankful that he was able to bounce back fairly quickly. Everyday, he was running around, gathering food for us, bringing things from home, and making trips to the pharmacy. If he’d ended up in the hospital, I don’t know what we would have done. Now that everybody is on the mend, it is obviously my turn to be sick. On Monday morning, the dreaded symptoms struck and I’ve been in agony every since. By the time of this writing (Friday evening), I am starting to feel better, but would still appreciate your prayers for my full recovery.

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