March 2020 Pictures

Presenting the New Testament in the city of Kremenchuk
Together with Yurko at the youth rally
Speaking on textual issues in the city of Shepetivka
Men of the church carefully listening
Home church during the quarantine
Matviy preaching
Andriy preaching
Yurko preaching
Sashko preaching
The new translation is going to change the lives of this boy and girl

January-February 2020 pictures and videos

Sashko, Yurko and Andriy playing at the children’s Christmas program
Students constructing a textual sermon outline at Yura’s preachers’ class
At the print shop’s office in the city of Kharkiv
Christmas decorations in downtown Kharkiv
Unloading the New Testaments
Two of the five pallets nicely stacked in our garage
The long-awaited Ukrainian New Testament!
Isn’t it beautiful?
The poster for the dedication service
Sweet family reunion
Church’s youth group at Sashko’s 18th Birthday
An official adult!
Overnighters ready to go to bed!
Happy 9th Birthday, Matviy!
Our Honda Odyssey the way it came from a USA auction
The left rear quarter replaced
Once it’s painted, you will never know there was any damage